Samy El Ghoul

Experienced in Chief Creative Officer (CCO)Senior Product Design UX | UI Design

Whereabouts, Inc.

Designed UI, Wireframe and Prototype

Designed and prepared prototype for developers, testing and validating ideas.

Designed products presentation with features of final product.

Initiated market research studies and analyzed findings.

Directed and coordinated marketing activities and policies to promote products and services.

Worked with team on design sprints to solve critical business questions through design.

Hired, managed and collaborated with teams locally and over seas.

Responsible for designing User Interface, developing mock-ups for desktop and mobile devices, custom icons, logos, presentations, product store images, product summary, storyboard, videos and multimedia components.

Created and designed dashboard for admins to maintain end product. Also designed front end admin for B2B customers.

Reviewed the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, expenditures and research and development appropriations.

Analyzed business developments and monitored market trends.

Submitted APP built to iOS and Android store for store approval and ready for sale.  Configured, deployed and maintenance of platform, managed upgrades, performed tuning, managed crawl processes.