Samy El Ghoul

Experienced in Chief Creative Officer (CCO)Senior Product Design UX | UI Design | GoSection8

– Responsible for creating DSM tools that help build, maintain and distribute design systems.
– Improving the workflow of teams, developers, and other company stakeholders
– Articulating user problems and product needs, iterating with a core team and engineering experts as well as stakeholders in research, data, support, sales, and marketing
– Responsible for managing the roadmap for our product area, refining feature ideas, and maintaining existing features to drive business goals
– is an affordable-housing online solution that serves tens of millions of users nationwide. Since its inception, Gosection8 has prevented the over expenditure of over ½ a billion dollars in rent subsidies by providing a rent reasonableness tool that documents and prevents potential over-payment of rent. In addition, Go8 has helped millions of families find an affordable place to call home.
– Find a great place to live with the largest affordable housing listing service in the nation – whether you have a section 8 voucher or are just looking for a good deal. Our close relationship with hundreds of municipalities and government agencies has made it possible for us to help millions of families with their housing needs. Search GoSection8 and you’ll find that we offer more affordable rental listings than any other housing website.